Rotorgeeks Bluejay - ELRS DIY Kit

Rotorgeeks Bluejay - ELRS DIY Kit
Rotorgeeks Bluejay - ELRS DIY Kit Rotorgeeks Bluejay - ELRS DIY Kit Rotorgeeks Bluejay - ELRS DIY Kit Rotorgeeks Bluejay - ELRS DIY Kit
Brand: Rotorgeeks
Product Code: RG Bluejay - ELRS DIY
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Looking for that first easy build? This super lightweight 2" machine provides outstanding speed and performance without scaring people in the field.
With a 2S 300-660mAh battery you get plenty of flight time and incredible agility. The larger batteries provide longer flight time (5+ minutes).
The new X12 AIO flight control board comes with a higher power 400mW video transmitter and sleeved dipole antenna, giving amazing video range to match the onboard ExpressLRS receiver.
The only part that requires soldering is the battery pigtail (which we can do if you don't want that hassle), the rest of the assembly is plug and play!


Thanks to Nick Burns and Infinity Loops for reviewing our kit! We have made a few changes based on their feedback:



Build Notes:

  1. Solder pigtail onto the flight controller (pre-soldered pigtail available as an option).
  2. Install the motors onto the frame using the M1.4x4mm screws (do not use the screws provided inside the HappyModel box as they're too short).
  3. Insert the M2 screws into the bottom of the frame and add M2x2mm TPU spacers on the top (3x 14mm screws go on the front and side / 1x 12mm goes on the back)
  4. Install the FC using the provided grommets. 
  5. Plug the motors into the FC
  6. Install the camera into the canopy.
  7. Plug the camera into the flight controller.
  8. (Optional) Solder buzzer onto the flight controller (note that you'll want to shorten the pins and gently bend them so they doesn't make contact with the AIO board - heat shrink tube provided). Secure the buzzer onto the canopy. Diagram here.
  9. Install the camera mount onto the frame and secure the VTX antenna onto the TPU camera mount
  10. Install the M2 locknuts (the 3 on the canopy are optional). The grommets should just start to compress - don't overtighten.
  11. The build is now complete, you can proceed on setting the FC using Betaflight configurator.
    Note: The FC comes flashed with 4.3, please use Betaflight Configurator 10.8 or up for configuration.

Binding procedure:

Tools for assembly (not included):


Recommended batteries (not included):

Our current PID tune
Betaflight diff dump here
Note that PID profile 1 is best for 2S 450-660mAh batteries and PID profile 2 works well with very light batteries in the 300-380mAh range
Nick Burns PIDs profile + rates here

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