About Us

Back in 2008, a friend was working for a toy company and gave me a few RC things to play with - I was instantly hooked.  When the first quadcopters appeared on the market I bought in and have been building and experimenting ever since.  The multirotor market is growing and much of the best equipment comes from many different places and requires a lot of research to piece together into a system.  Currency exchange costs, expensive and slow shipping, difficult returns and support, long out of stock periods, surprise duties and taxes are some of the things we run into when ordering in the 'global economy'.  Rotorgeeks brings you the best value equipment, hand picked from all over the world with the speed, ease and support of a local vendor.  Pricing is in your currency and shipping is from Toronto, Canada.  We are shipping specialists, with 3 day delivery to the USA and ~10 days to most parts of the world, all at very low cost to you.  We will endeavour to source the best products and offer the convenience of one-stop shopping.  We don't aim to bring you the largest selection - just the really good stuff and a lot of the little accessories that make your build that much easier.  We test everything we carry and can recommend proven combos that work.  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and welcome any feedback.  Happy multirotoring!