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24V 16.7A 400W Power Supply
This 24V 400W Power Supply is suitable for most modern DC powered battery chargers and comes with an..
CAD$68.99 CAD$55.19
Based on 1 reviews.
DJI Goggles Integra
Soak up the sky with DJI Goggles Integra, and extend your experience with DJI Avata and DJI RC Motio..
CAD$699.00 CAD$489.00
DJI Transmission Combo
DJI Transmission evolves from the established DJI aerial video transmission technology, delivering a..
CAD$3,449.00 CAD$2,900.00
Fat Shark Dominator HD FPV Goggles
The Fat Shark Dominator returns. This FPV Drone goggle features high fidelity FullHD OLED displays a..
CAD$828.00 CAD$529.00
Minion PDB V2
This is the second batch of the long awaited V2 with all of the noise filter components in place and..
CAD$26.22 CAD$13.79
Based on 6 reviews.
Aluminum M5 flange locknuts
Package of 4pcs anodized aluminum M5 locknuts for your prop shafts. weight 0.60g (vs 1.03g for st..
CAD$5.51 CAD$4.13
Based on 1 reviews.
Aluminum M5 locknuts
Package of 4pcs anodized aluminum M5 locknuts for your prop shafts. weight 0.42g (vs 1.03g for st..
CAD$5.51 CAD$4.13
AOS 3.5 O3 Frame Kit
Built to go toe to toe with 5" Freestyle quads, the AOS 3.5 O3 has been updated to be compatible wit..
CAD$82.80 CAD$74.52
Atomik Radio Case
Our favorite case for the X9D Plus Taranis / Q X7 / X9-Lite / DJI Radio / Flysky FS i6S . This Ra..
CAD$35.77 CAD$13.99
Bearing kit - 3x8x3
Left over bearing kits from the old Cobra 2204 motors that use the bolt on prop adapter.  Does ..
CAD$6.89 CAD$4.13
Caddx Naked Nebula Pro -  Vista Kit
Stripped down Nebula Pro - Vista Kit. Notes: This unit has been activated and updated in ad..
CAD$243.59 CAD$229.99
Cobra 2204 Rotor assembly
Replacement rotor assembly for the Cobra 2204 motors with integrated prop adapter (1960kv and 2300kv..
CAD$15.18 CAD$12.41
DJI Mavic - Shoulder Bag
You can carry the Mavic and its accessories by using this Bag. Size: 17.5cm×12.5cm×21cm Maximum ..
CAD$109.02 CAD$53.82
Emax Babyhawk 1104 5250kv
Description 1104 motor 5250kv for Babyhawk 1 Pc ..
CAD$16.55 CAD$12.41
Emax Babyhawk Femto F3 Control Board
Description F3 Femto Flight Controller for Babyhawk Manual here ..
CAD$33.11 CAD$19.31