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AKK FX2 Ultimate-Mini
AKK FX2 Ultimate Mini with FCC compliant frequencies.  New features include solder on connectio..
In Stock
AKK FX2 Video Transmitter
The AKK FX2 has the same format and MMCX connector as the FX3 but it comes on a 30x30 mount.  T..
In Stock
AKK FX3-Ultimate DVR Video Transmitter
A 20x20mm mountable VTX with integrated DVR. Features: Supports Smart Audio. Easy to use...
In Stock
AKK FX3-Ultimate Video Transmitter
The Ultimate version of the AKK FX3 brings 3 key changes from the standard FX3. solder pads/ho..
In Stock
1 reviews
AKK Nano 3 Video Transmitter
AKK Nano 3 5.8GHz VTX Support OSD Configuring with mounting hole, a stackable vtx designed for Runca..
Out Of Stock
AKK X2 Ultimate Video Transmitter
VTX capable of doing 1000mW output power. Features: Up to 1000mW power output MMCX connec..
In Stock
FX796T 200mW Video transmitter - SMA
A compact, 40 channel push button video transmitter with LED indicators for band and channel.  ..
CAD$43.56 CAD$19.79
In Stock
1 reviews
FX799T 200mW Video transmitter - Pigtail w/SMA
Now available with direct soldered pigtails for tighter builds and lighter weight.  A compact, ..
CAD$43.56 CAD$19.79
In Stock
FXT X40 200mW Video transmitter with aluminum case - SMA
The X40 is a solid VTX that we've sold for a long time.  The black aluminum case makes mounting..
CAD$47.52 CAD$26.39
In Stock
HappyModel HCF7 Camera & VTX for Mobula7 with Smart Audio
SmartAudio capable Camera / vtx combo for your Mobula7 or other build. It also provides connections..
In Stock
iFlight SucceX Whoop VTX
SucceX Whoop VTX  25/100/200mW Adjustable. NOTE: FITS SucceX F4 Whoop Flight Controller 2-4s..
CAD$19.79 CAD$13.19
In Stock
Matek VTX-1G3SE 1.2/1.3GHz
Latest version of the Matek 1.2/1.3GHz video transmitter. This is the 9 channel International versio..
In Stock
Silicone transmitter cable for FXT and 4 pin camera
A custom made cable to connect any of the FXT line of transmitters to our most popular FPV cameras.&..
In Stock
SpeedyBee TX800 Video Transmitter
A 20x20mm mountable VTX with heatsink capable of outputting 800mW max Features: Supports IR..
In Stock
TBS Crossfire Sixty9
Introducing the TBS Crossfire Sixty9, a VTx and RC receiver AIO board sporting a race-friendly, long..
Out Of Stock

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