PDBs and Voltage Regulators

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FrSKY MLVSS Mini Lipo Voltage Sensor without OLED Screen
MLVSS Mini Lipo Voltage Sensor Smart port Enable without OLED Screen. Features: By removing..
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FrSKY Smart Port RPM and Temperature Sensor
The FrSky Smart Port RPM and Temperature Sensor has been designed to work with FrSky Smart Port syst..
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Lipo battery checker and alarm
Lipo checker with a really loud alarm.  Plugs into your balance lead and the display cycles thr..
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Matek FCHUB-W PDB for Fixed Wings
Matek has created another superb Power Distribution Board (PDB) capable of utilizing 3 to 6S lipo ba..
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Matek Hall-Effect Current Sensor 150A
Specifications: Hall effect current sensor No voltage drop and heat on current sensor compon..
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Matek PDB-Hex
PDB with high power BEC and capable of handling up to 12S, 140A continuously and with 30.5x30.5mm an..
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Matek Servo PDB w/ BEC
Servo PDB with voltage regulator from 5.5V-36V (input) to 5V-8.2V (output). Specifications: ..
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Matek UBEC Duo 4A/12V &  4A/5V
A reliable dual BEC from Matek with switchable power output. There is an inbuilt power switch (cont..
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Matek Voltage Booster 1S Li to 5V
This voltage booster is a compact, high efficiency, synchronous step-up converter for a single cell ..
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Mini PDB 12V
Power Distribution Board with a 12V Linear Regulator. Specifications: 40x22mm 3g ..
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The RROSD PRO PDB is an all-in-one mini OSD-PDB board.  It has taken on a new life being used i..
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Simple PDB
The Simple PDB is a straight forward PDB that allows you to connect your ESCs outside the perimeter ..
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Step Up Regulator - 3.7V to 5V
Voltage Step Up Regulator to ensure 5V to any voltage sensitive equipment supply on your 1S builds.&..
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Stepdown regulator - 12V
A small, fixed ouput regulator used to reduce voltage for devices that can't accept full battery vol..
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Stepdown regulator - micro
Prewired version available here.  A tiny, adjustable stepdown regulator used to reduce voltage ..
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