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Beitian BN-220 GPS
GPS unit suitable for Rescue Mode in Betaflight or on planes and wings using INAV.  It does not..
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Beitian BN-880 GPS & Compass
GPS unit with magnetometer (compass) suitable for full navigation capability in INAV and similar sys..
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FrSky S.PORT GPS Sensor V2
The FrSky GPS Sensor feeds variable directional information such as altitude, position, speed, and U..
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HEX Here+ Base
This is the Base module of Here+ RTK GNSS set. For a complete RTK solution, you will need both Base..
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HEX Here3 GPS Module
The Here3 GPS is a high precision GNSS system that supports RTK mode, built with CAN protocol. It is..
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HEX HereFlow LiDAR and Optical Flow Sensor
Here Flow is a finger size optical flow sensor. Smaller than other optical flow sensors. It can be i..
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Matek AP_Periph GNSS M9N-F4-3100 GPS
Features: M9N-F4 series is based on ArudPilots’ AP_Periph firmware,  It is a GNSS+COMPASS..
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Matek GNSS & Compass M9N-5883 GPS
Specifications: GNSS u-blox NEO-M9N (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) Magnetic Compass QMC5..
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Matek GPS & Compass M8Q-5883
Ublox SAM-M8Q GPS, GLONASS, Galileo receiver with antenna. Compass QMC5883L integrated. Features:..
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Matek GPS Ublox SAM-M8Q
Ublox SAM-M8Q GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS receiver with antenna. For your UAV systems, Robo..
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Matek Optical FLow & Lidar Sensor 3901-L0X
This item will help your drone hold position without GPS. This module works with INAV firmware (2.2..
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NEO-M8N Ublox GPS Module
Looking for a little extra security on your long range adventures?  This GPS module can track y..
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The GPS-mate comes with its own little battery and an ON/OFF switch allowing you to keep your GPS on..
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