DJI Digital FPV

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Caddx Nebula Pro -  Vista Kit
Introducing the new Pro version of the Nebula with Vista Kit. This new camera is capable of switchin..
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Caddx Vista / Runcam Link (Air Unit Lite) for DJI Digital FPV - No Camera
CaddxFPV Vista Unit HD System compatible with DJI FPV System. A smaller stackable unit to use with ..
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DJI Goggles 3
Important notes: At the time of release, the goggles are NOT compatible with DJI O3 Air Unit. DJI wi..
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DJI Goggles Integra
Soak up the sky with DJI Goggles Integra, and extend your experience with DJI Avata and DJI RC Motio..
CAD$699.00 CAD$489.00
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DJI O3 Air Unit
Integrating DJI's cutting-edge video transmission technology into a lightweight and compact body, th..
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DJI Transmission Combo
DJI Transmission evolves from the established DJI aerial video transmission technology, delivering a..
CAD$3,449.00 CAD$2,900.00
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DJI Transmission Video Transmitter
Spare video transmitter for the DJI Transmission System. Features: Long distance HD Live fe..
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iFlight Crystal HD LHCP Patch 5.8GHz Directional Antenna
LHCP high gain directional antennas for the DJI FPV Goggles. Get better reception for long range and..
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Runcam Link (Vista) Falcon Nano Kit
Nano HD camera compatible with the DJI Digital FPV System. Features: 1080p / 120FPS / 4:3 /..
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TrueRC 5.8 X2-AIR MK II For DJI - LHCP (Pair)
More gain and more convenience! This is the adaptation of the all mighty X²-AIR into a slick low pro..
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Caddx Naked Nebula Pro -  Vista Kit
Stripped down Nebula Pro - Vista Kit. Notes: This unit has been activated and updated in ad..
CAD$243.59 CAD$229.99
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Caddx Nebula Pro 720P/120fps HD digital FPV camera with cable
Introducing the new Pro version of the lightweight Nebula camera for the Caddx Vista or DJI Digital ..
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Caddx Polar Starlight Digital HD FPV Camera
HD camera compatible with the DJI Digital FPV System. This one handles low light environment better ..
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DJI FPV Air Unit Antenna MMCX Right Angle
LHCP antenna with MMCX joint, which is small and lightweight and ensures a long-distance transmissio..
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DJI O3 Air Unit Antenna
Replacement antenna for the DJI O3 Air Unit. It is dual-band dual-polarized antenna with strong anti..
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