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GT Power Servo and ESC Tester
This portable device allows you to test the functionality of your servos and ESC without having to c..
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ToolkitRC M7 200W 10A Charger / Cell Checker / Servo Tester
The M7 is a multi-function charger with more power than the M6 with its maximum output of 200W and 1..
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ToolkitRC M8S 400W 18A Charger / Cell Checker / Servo Tester
The Toolkit M8S is much more than just a charger. With a 400w 18A Charger at its heart, the M8S also..
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ToolkitRC M8S 400W 18A Charger / Cell Checker / Servo Tester w/ Power Supply Combo
This combo features a ToolkitRC M8S charger with a 24V 16.7A 400W Power supply.  This will allo..
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ToolkitRC WM150 Power and Watt Meter
Another great tool from Toolkit RC, the WM150 allows you to measure voltage, current and power and w..
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18650 Battery Flat Top Adapter
Use this adapter to make a connection between 2x 18650 flat top batteries. You will need this if yo..
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Alligator clips for charge cable
2 pcs, 1 red and 1 black.  You can plug a standard 4mm banana plug into the clip, adding the ab..
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Aluminum Switch Nuts for Radio Controller
Pimp your radio with these sleek switch nuts. Fits FrSKY radios, RadioMaster TX16S etc. Note: the..
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Arduino Nano 33 BLE for Wireless Headtracker
Use the Nano 33 BLE for wireless head tracking thanks to this open source project by dlktdr We have..
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Diatone Mamba Soldering Practice Board
A little board to practice your soldering skills. ..
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ESC Heat Shrink
Heat shrink to cover your ESC or similar sized part. Find the larger ESC heat shrink here Dime..
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Fabric Adhesive Tape
Fabric adhesive tape. 8mm or 15mm wide. 100ft roll (30m). Great for any application to give a more ..
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Flywoo BT-Nano V2 Bluetooth Module
This tiny bluetooth module will allow you to connect to the SpeedyBee app so you can change settings..
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FrSky’s Smart Port Current Sensor-150A. It is designed for FrSky Smart Port enabled systems and can ..
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FrSky Vari-H - Variometer Sensor High Precision
The FrSky Variometer sensor calculates the altitude from atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure ..
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