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HappyModel SuperX V1 AIO Flight Controller -  ELRS
An all in one FC for the Mobula6 2024. Comes with ELRS V3 (via UART not SPI), 5A ESC and 5.8GHz inte..
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Flywoo Explorer LR 4'' HD with Walksnail Avatar - PNP
Sub 250g 4" long range drone equipped with the Walksnail AVATAR V2 VTX (8Gb of recording). The Avat..
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HappyModel Super F405 HD AIO Flight Controller -  ELRS
The Super F405HD ELRS AIO flight controller comes with an integrated 2.4GHz ExpressLRS (UART) receiv..
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HappyModel FXT FX17-B FPV Camera
A nano sized camera used in the HappyModel Mobula6 2024. You can use this cable to make connection ..
In Stock
HappyModel Mobula6 2024 Camera Mount Bracket
Camera mount for the Mobula6 2024. Specifications: Material: PP Color: Black Net Weight..
In Stock
HappyModel Mobula6 2024 Frame
Lightweight and durable frame for your Mobula6 2024 or any 65mm wheelbase whoop. Compatible most 060..
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HappyModel SE0702 28000kv
0702 28000kv ultralight motor for the Mobula6 2024. Specifications: Size: SE0702 KV: 2800..
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Flywoo Explorer LR 4'' O3 & Walksnail Avatar - Bracers
A set of bracer (or side plate) replacement for the Explorer LR O3 4". Designed for the Explorer wit..
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Matek ELRS 2.4GHz PWM Vario 6Ch Rx
A 6 channel PWM 2.4GHz ELRS receiver with variometer. Specifications: ESP32-PICO-D4, SX1281..
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Matek ELRS 2.4GHz True Diversity Receiver
A true Diveristy ELRS 2.4GHz Rx from Matek. Features: A low noise amplifer (LNA) that boost..
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DJI Goggles 3
Important notes: At the time of release, the goggles are NOT compatible with DJI O3 Air Unit. DJI wi..
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Rotorgeeks 6-in-1 Screwdriver Set
An all in one screwdriver which includes hex, phillips and flat driver heads . Specifications: ..
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SpeedyBee F405 WING MINI Fixed Wing Flight Controller
F405 mini board for wings/planes. One of its great features is the capability to wirelessly connect ..
In Stock
SpeedyBee F405 V4 60A Stack
F4 V4 flight controller + 60A ESC with Bluetooth capability allowing you to wirelessly flash, change..
In Stock
Flywoo Goku F722 Pro V2 40A BLS Mini Stack
F722 PRO V2 mini (20x20) stack for the Explorer. Features: Plug-and-play functionality. I..
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