Stepdown regulator - micro

Stepdown regulator - micro
Stepdown regulator - micro Stepdown regulator - micro
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Prewired version available here.  A tiny, adjustable stepdown regulator used to reduce voltage for devices that can't accept full battery voltage.  Use this in scenarios like:
- running 4S-6S battery power with 12v FPV equipment
- running 3-6S power with 5v equipment such as cameras and control boards
- running 12v gear on a machine that runs both 3S and 4S batteries***
- running 12v LEDs on a 4-6S machine

Switch mode design makes these very efficient and cool running.  They usually come set around 12V but you must check and set the level with a meter before connecting to your valuable equipment!

Comfortably delivers 1.5A of current while maintaining reasonable temperature.  If your current needs are over 1.5A you can consider the mini stepdown.  We recommend a dab of sealant to secure the trim pot after you've set the voltage.  Adjustments to the trim pot can be made with a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

Weight 1.3g
Dimensions 17x11x4mm
Input voltage 5-26v
Output voltage 1-17v


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