There are many frame designs out there and almost as many frame designers these days.  While it's relatively easy to use software to draw something up, there's much more to frame design than appears at first glance.  We carry a few carefully selected frames to meet target size, performance and price points.  We don't like frames that break.  We do like frames that are rigid and well laid out.  There are some 'not so secret' methods to making that a reality. 

  • Things break from force and in our case, force is a function of mass and velocity.  We know we're not going to slow you down so making it light is the first key to crash survival
  • Strong materials always help, but of course the force must be transferred somewhere so use strong materials where appropriate
  • Geometry, angles, curve radius, distance between holes and edges are the engineering side of structural strength and rigidity.  These are the easiest design flaws to identify and the leading cause of broken arms and plates.

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Rotorgeeks Battery Strap - 20x300mm
An updated version of our famous strap with a metal loop and longer length.  Has a sticky under..
In Stock
Rotorgeeks battery strap - Micro
Grip backed battery strap in a new thinner size for micros. 10x160mm Contains (2) two straps ..
In Stock
Rotorgeeks Battery Strap - Thin - 16x240mm
The ultimate battery strap in a new thinner and longer size for micros and complete frame wrap aroun..
In Stock
2 reviews
Rotorgeeks Ultimate battery strap 20x210mm
The toughest strap we could get our hands on.  Grippy rubber interwoven with a metal loop for t..
In Stock
Shendrones Geyser
Geyser is a 180mm ducted quad for 85mm props, made to be an all purpose cinematic platform for whate..
Out Of Stock
Shendrones Ichabod Jr.
Inspired by Gab707, Ichy Jr is a 245mm 5" quad for aerial video. The fpv cam is aligned with the Her..
Out Of Stock
Shendrones Nutmeg
Nutmeg is a 95mm ducted quad designed to fly the Hero7. The base is 2.5mm carbon and the top is TPU...
In Stock
Shendrones Siccario Base Frame w/ Alpha Gel Dampers
Developed by Shendrones and Gab707, Siccario is the ultimate Cinelifter, a 405mm X8 designed to opti..
Out Of Stock
Shendrones Squirt Replacement Ducts
A set of TPU replacement ducts for the Squirt V2.1. Black Only. ..
In Stock
Shendrones Squirt V2.1 - Analog
The Squirt V2.1 is a 160mm 3" ducted quad from Shendrones. This peppy 3" uses ducts to generate abou..
In Stock
Shendrones Squirt V2.1 - DJI FPV
The Squirt V2.1 is a 160mm 3" ducted quad from Shendrones. This peppy 3" uses ducts to generate abou..
In Stock
Shendrones Thicc  2.0 - DJI
The Thicc 2.0 is a 390mm 7" X8 made to carry larger cameras like the Black Magic Pocket. The camera ..
In Stock
Lean mean racing machine. Designed with simplicity and performance in mind, without sacrifice for ..
CAD$92.40 CAD$46.20
In Stock
Shrike-200 V2
Taking from it's predecessor the Shrike-185, the Shrike-200 is no joke. With all new camera moun..
CAD$99.00 CAD$79.20
In Stock
Shrike-220 V2
The Shrike-220 is for those wishing to push the limits that the mighty 6" propeller has to offer. ..
CAD$105.60 CAD$52.80
In Stock

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