There are many frame designs out there and almost as many frame designers these days.  While it's relatively easy to use software to draw something up, there's much more to frame design than appears at first glance.  We carry a few carefully selected frames to meet target size, performance and price points.  We don't like frames that break.  We do like frames that are rigid and well laid out.  There are some 'not so secret' methods to making that a reality. 

  • Things break from force and in our case, force is a function of mass and velocity.  We know we're not going to slow you down so making it light is the first key to crash survival
  • Strong materials always help, but of course the force must be transferred somewhere so use strong materials where appropriate
  • Geometry, angles, curve radius, distance between holes and edges are the engineering side of structural strength and rigidity.  These are the easiest design flaws to identify and the leading cause of broken arms and plates.

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Aluminum M5 flange locknuts
Package of 4pcs anodized aluminum M5 locknuts for your prop shafts. weight 0.60g (vs 1.03g for st..
CAD$5.27 CAD$3.95
In Stock
1 reviews
Aluminum M5 locknuts
Package of 4pcs anodized aluminum M5 locknuts for your prop shafts. weight 0.42g (vs 1.03g for st..
CAD$5.27 CAD$3.95
In Stock
AMAXinno Freestyle 3 Arms
2 arms replacement for the Freestyle 3 frame. ..
In Stock
AMAXinno Freestyle 3 Frame
A 3" freestyle design frame that matches perfectly with the Amaxinno 1106 4300kv motors.  With ..
Out Of Stock
Babyhawk Parts - Propeller Guard (Left+Right)
Description Propeller Guard (Left+Right) for Babyhawk 1 Set ..
In Stock
Babyhawk Parts - Top Frame+Bottom Frame
Description Top Frame+bottom frame for Babyhawk 1 Set Note that we only carry white. ..
In Stock
BetaFPV Arm Replacement for X-Knight 5 V2
A pair of replacement arms for the X-Knight 5 V2. Arm thickness: 3.5mm Package: 2x arms ..
In Stock
BetaFPV Canopy HX115
Awesome canopy made of PC material, it's strong, flexible and heat-rersistant. With adjustable 25°- ..
In Stock
BetaFPV Mini Canopy V3
Awesome canopy made of PE material, it's strong, flexible and heat-resistant. This canopy is suitab..
Out Of Stock
BetaFPV X-Knight Carbon Fiber 5'' V2 Frame Kit
The X-Knight 5'' V2 Frame Kit is a superlight frame which can be build under 250g with all parts (ba..
In Stock
Diatone 2019 GT-R349 3 inch Frame Kit
 2019 GT-R 3 inch  Frame Kit Specification: Wheel base: 130mm Material: carbon ..
In Stock
Diatone Cube 229 Frame Kit
Frame kit for the CUBE 229 with hardware and 3D printed canopy Specification: Wheelbase: 12..
In Stock
Diatone Roma F5 DJI Arm Replacement
Arm replacement for the Diatone Roma5. Specifications: Weight :1g Size: 128x23 Thicknes..
In Stock
DJI FPV Combo - Drone, Goggles and Controller
Due to the very limited availability and low margin on this product there are some restrictions on t..
In Stock
DJI Mavic - Battery to power bank adaptor
The Mavic Battery to Power Bank Adaptor is designed to provide power from the Mavic Intelligent Fl..
CAD$25.08 CAD$13.20
In Stock

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