There are many frame designs out there and almost as many frame designers these days.  While it's relatively easy to use software to draw something up, there's much more to frame design than appears at first glance.  We carry a few carefully selected frames to meet target size, performance and price points.  We don't like frames that break.  We do like frames that are rigid and well laid out.  There are some 'not so secret' methods to making that a reality. 

  • Things break from force and in our case, force is a function of mass and velocity.  We know we're not going to slow you down so making it light is the first key to crash survival
  • Strong materials always help, but of course the force must be transferred somewhere so use strong materials where appropriate
  • Geometry, angles, curve radius, distance between holes and edges are the engineering side of structural strength and rigidity.  These are the easiest design flaws to identify and the leading cause of broken arms and plates.

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TPU M2 Spacers
Unthreaded spacers made from TPU. Perfect for situations where you're using a 4in1 ESC or have 6mm o..
In Stock
TPU M3 Spacers
Unthreaded spacers made from TPU.  Perfect for situations where you're using a 4in1 ESC or have..
In Stock
TPU Microquad Battery Holder for Two 1S Batteries
Use this to hold 2 of the small size 1S batteries for your Micro quads. Fits many popular frame such..
In Stock
TPU Motor Mount  - 14XX size
Soft motor mounts made out of TPU.  These have been effective in dampening motor generated vibr..
In Stock
TPU Motor Mount  - 22xx size
Soft motor mounts made out of TPU.  These have been effective in dampening motor generated vibr..
In Stock
TPU Runcam Nano camera mount
The Runcam Nano is our favorite micro cam for ultra lightweight machines but mounting the caseless c..
In Stock
3D printed part that makes it easier to tighten SMA and RP-SMA connectors. Contains 2 pieces. ..
In Stock
TPU Universal Camera Mount
This Universal camera mount was designed to fit a wide variety of cameras and hole positions on just..
In Stock
1 reviews
TPU USB cover (3pcs)
If you run reverse props to keep your camera clean, you've probably noticed debris being fired into ..
In Stock
2 reviews
TPU XT60 Cap
Thin, flexible caps that fit on all XT60 connectors and meet the air travel requirements for short p..
In Stock
TransTEC Beetle 2.5" Frame
Frame kit for the Beetle HOM 2.5" V2 (PNP version available here) Note: We DO NOT recommend using..
In Stock
TransTEC Beetle 3"  Frame
Upgrade from 2.5" to 3" for your Beetle V2. Motor recommandation: 14XX - 15XX - 18XX Specifica..
In Stock
TransTEC Beetle HOM 2.5" V2.0 DJI HD - PNP
Sub-250g quadcopter capable of taking the full size DJI Digital FPV Air Unit and still give you the ..
In Stock
Vortex 150 Mini Crash Kit 1 Green
Plastic replacement parts as shown in the picture for the Vortex 150 mini. ..
CAD$21.11 CAD$13.19
In Stock
Vortex 230 Mojo Pimp Kit
There is a full array of pimp kits for the Vortex 230 Mojo, all easily installed without the need to..
In Stock

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