Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame

Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame
Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame
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The Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame

Rotor Riot Team pilot Tommy Tibajia dreamed of something that existing FPV frames were not able to provide - a truly balanced quad with most of the weight as close to the CG as possible. After over half a year of design work and testing, as well as many iterations of prototypes, Tommy’s dream has come true.

The Ummagawd Remix FPV Frame, unofficially dubbed “the Ummakwad”, has been designed to put most of the weight of the quad as close as possible to the center of gravity. It was no easy task to rethink the way traditional mini quads are built, but the end result looks and performs extremely well!


In order to centralize the weight, the electronic components are installed under the center plate, and the battery is placed sideways across the top of the frame. This gets the bulk of the mass in the very center of the frame and in line with the propellers, the source of thrust. Centralized 4 in 1 ESC systems are favored for this build, to maintain the theme of centralized weight distribution.


Unlike some frames on the market, the Remix frame is super easy to work on. The bottom cover plate opens like the hood of a car, giving easy access to the electronics stack for building and repair. The arms are also really easy to replace when the limits you are pushing push back on your quad.

The FPV camera on the Ummagawd Remix is mounted in a carbon rollcage of sorts - so it’s protected from crashes that might otherwise destroy the camera or lens. The rollcage is angled upwards, so that it can allow high camera tilt - making it suitable for both freestyle and racing. The rollcage also serves as a tilted mount for a GoPro Session camera, so you’re one step closer to getting great HD footage!

Another interesting feature of the Ummagawd Remix frame is the slot on each arm for the motor wires. They keep the motor wires from sliding around over the edge of the arm, and prevent damaged or bent propellers from cutting the motor wires.


The Ummagawd Remix does not fall short when it comes to good looks. Not only does it have titanium screws and gold anodised hardware, but it also has custom designed aluminum parts and a high quality battery pad. The carbon fiber used is top notch quality, and the chamfered edges that make the Remix feel great to the touch.


  • TrueX Motor Layout

  • Well-balanced Layout

  • Durable and Lightweight Design

  • High Quality Carbon Fiber with Chamfered Edges

  • Gold Anodized Hardware

  • Custom CNC Aluminum parts

  • Quick Access to electronics compartment

  • Adjustable FPV Camera Mount

  • Top Mounted Battery

  • Exchangeable Arms

  • Grade 2 Titanium Hardware

Feature Details

  •     True X (symmetrical) motor layout
  •     Optimized Center of Mass, places the mass directly in center of the frame
  •     FPV camera adjustable from 20 to 60 degrees
  •     Designed for either 5" or 5.5" props (6" available soon)
  •     Integrated aluminum HD cam mount w/anti jello pad (nomojel)
  •     Extreme non-slip Polyurethane battery pad (ummagrip)
  •     3D milled arm locking design for best possible impact energy dissipation
  •     Change an arm by removing a single screw
  •     Precision machined carbon with chamfered edges
  •     Integrated motor wire guides
  •     Highly effective, motor protection bumpers
  •     CNC anodized aluminum Lipo pigtail retainer/lock
  •     Auxillary mounting holes for aftermarket HD camera mounts
  •     Integrated threaded inserts
  •     Fiber grain orientation has been optimized for strength on all carbon parts
  •     Swing open hatch design for easy maintenance
  •     Carefully protected electrical components

About the Remix

Over a year in the making, the Remix frame is the culmination of over 50 unique multirotor designs, and over a 100 kwads of building experience by Ummagawd. Taking the best design cues from each experience and mixing it all onto a single frame design, the Remix is the epitome the FPV freestyle frame.

The core design focus was to create a frame with an ideal Center of Mass (CoM). Wherever the CoM is located on a quad frame, will be the center of rotation during axial maneuvers. By placing the CoM as close as possible to center plane of the prop line, the moment of inertia is reduced, thus minimizing the required thrust to rotate the frame about it’s CoM. The result, is a quad that is balanced on all axis, thus requiring less correction from the flight controller, and providing an overall more efficient flight system. The improved balance, and equal rotational moment, eliminate the odd tendencies, and disproportionate corrections from the flight controller. Tuning becomes easier as the “window” of flyable set points is increased. More importantly, PID tuning becomes more for benefit of “feeling” vs. tuning for stability.

To achieve an ideal CoM, the frame is designed such that the battery can be mounted centered to the prop line. There are provisions for the battery to be attached in a horizontal (sideways) position, or a more traditional (lengthwise) position, depending on the users preference and battery size. A LiPo pad designed specifically to eliminate slipping (Ummagrip) is used to keep the battery in place, and a special retainer lock is used to keep battery pigtail secured. The retainer lock can be used on any of the 4 corners of the frame, for maximum versatility. An integrated HD camera mount is placed slightly forward of the CG. A specially formulated anti-jello pad is included to absorb vibrations and give you jello-free, crisp HD footage. When used with a non-slip lipo strap, your HD camera stays securely in place, even in most of the gnarliest crashes.

With freestyle, we tend to be harsh on our miniquads. Whether flying at a park or bando, you always want your components to be protected. The first thing that usually breaks for me in a crash is the FPV camera. The remix keeps the FPV camera boxed with carbon and aluminum, making it virtually impossible to have a direct hit. The FPV cam also sits deep into the frame utilizing 3 points of impact (will hit the arms first), further reducing the likeliness of any damage to your FPV cam. Twenty to sixty degrees of cam tilt is possible with the integrated cam adjustment plates and I have yet to see the cam tilt deviate from any crashes I have had.

The frame is designed to house all of the critical components (FC, rx, vtx, 4-in-1 ESCs) in the under carriage. Those who prefer individual ESCs can safely mount them underneath the arms. A hole has been cut out of the center plate to mount an RX the size of an RXSR underneath the FC to maximize mounting space. Zip tie holes have been integrated specifically to secure the most common-sized VTXs. And more zip tie holes to secure a VTX antenna designed to stick straight out the back. Because the vtx Antenna is mounted between the rear arms and undercarriage, the antenna is also well protected. No more worries of destroying your hand-made antennas.

Motor protection is something that is commonly overlooked. Taking a design cue from the popular floss frame, the remix motor mounts have extended “bumpers” that protrude into the most likely direction of impact. This means that crashes will impact the bumpers or props FIRST, before hitting the motor itself. Although that was the initial design goal, we further modified the length to triangulate with the bottom of the FPV camera plate. This made sliding/dragging the quad extremely encouraging.

Working on your miniquad can be as common as charging its batteries. I hated having to unscrew a million screws to remove a plate, which still has antennas and other things attached, just to get to the flight controller. Because of this pain, I needed this frame to be a dream to work on, not a nightmare. I also dislike frames that share a bolts for the FC and the arms. This usually meant that my FC was at risk in a hard crash, or that I needed to remove my FC stack when swapping an arm. On the Remix, with only 2 bolts to remove, you flip the remix upside down, swing open the hatch, and it naturally acts like a stand, presenting the components to you at the perfect angle. Everything is easily accessible, and wiring is minimized. The arms can be swapped by simply removing 1 screw, and loosening another (none of which are shared by the FC, or used to keep the assembly together). Gone are the days where you need 4 hands to keep the plates together just to swap an arm. And just to keep things nice and neat, motor wire guides protrude from each arm.

Once the whole design was functional, we focused on durability and strength. Using FEA analysis on the design, we were able to locate areas that may be vulnerable to “higher stress” loads. We modified our design to account for any stress risers, as well as oriented the fiber direction of each carbon piece for the highest strength possible. While I won’t claim the frame is indestructible, there’s enough durability to maximize your confidence when attempting that risky move.

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