NEO-M8N Ublox GPS Module

NEO-M8N Ublox GPS Module
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Looking for a little extra security on your long range adventures?  This GPS module can track your location, speed and a few other tricks while passing the info to Betaflight for display on OSD and/or your FrSKY radio.  If your machine goes down, you have your last known location which can be entered into a map app (e.g. Google maps).  Requires a UART and 5V supply.

This GPS unit can be used for Betaflight Rescue Mode.  For INAV or more advanced navigation options, you'll want something with a magnetometer (compass) such as the M8Q-5883

Unfortunately GPS support has been removed for F3 boards due to space limitations as of Betaflight 3.1.7

Setup Notes

Red  +5V
Black  ground
White  (TX) - connect to UART RX on control board)
Green (RX) - connect to UART TX on control board)

On the Ports page, set the Sensor Input to GPS for whichever UART is connected to the GPS.  Save.
On the Configuration page, enable GPS (bottom right).  Set to UBLOX, leave the rest on Auto and choose the Ground Assistance type that makes sense.  Declination doesn't matter since this unit doesn't have a magnetometer.  Save.
You can now choose to display the GPS location on your OSD or FrSKY radio, where it can be logged.  Be sure to Discover New Sensors on the telemetry page of your radio to add the GPS.


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