Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli ESC V3

Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli ESC V3
Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli ESC V3 Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli ESC V3 Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli ESC V3 Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli ESC V3
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June 1, 2015 - IMPORTANT V3 UPDATE  From today forward, all new orders will be filled with the next improvement in the evolution of the Rotorgeeks ESCs.  There are two important changes.

  1. The extra programming lead is gone!  You are now able to gain full access to the BLHeli programming interface through the signal wires.  There's a new USB stick that makes this possible at an even lower cost than the old one.  The new stick will work on any Rotorgeeks ESC flashed with 13.2 or newer (we've been shipping BLHeli 13.2 since May 2015).
  2. The No-BEC models come with a twisted pair, 2 wire signal lead in a standard 3 pin housing rather than the single wire lead.  This simplifies access to the programmer without having to connect a separate ground, provides a direct ground reference for certain 3.3v based flight controllers that seem to require it and also gives a more solid physical connection to the control board by having the grip of a pair of connectors.

Compatibility Notes:
Any older ESC (pre 13.2) can connect to the new programmer once it has been flashed to BLHeli 13.2 or later.  The old programmer will continue to work but of course requires the programming leads for a connection.  The new programmer requires a ground connection to work on the old No-BEC versions (simple to do). 

OneShot125 supported


Read more here  And some comments specific to the Rotorgeeks 30A here. Damped light mode is fully supported on these ESCs. 


An inexpensive USB adapter gives you access to all BLHeli settings like reversing motor direction as well as flashing new firmware with a user friendly interface.

  • Play with settings to find what works for your motor/battery/prop combo
  • Reverse motor direction easily
  • Take advantage of further advancements in BLHeli by flashing new versions
  • Set other parameters such as beacon, PPM range etc

BLHeliSuite software is available here and source code here

The Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli ESC is available in a BEC-less version - the 5V BEC has been removed.  In a quad configuration, we recommend one standard ESC to provide power to the board while the three No-BEC ESCs don't waste any energy or heat providing unnecessary 5v power.  The input capacitor has also been upgraded from 16 to 25V for ample headroom on 4S operation. 

Custom built for Rotorgeeks, this ESC is perfect for your larger build.  It's 4S capable and has a 5V, 2A BEC.  Yes, it'll warm up on 4S but the current requirements from flight control boards are quite low.  This ESC is flashed with BLHeli for the ultimate in configurability and compatibility with high speed flight controller outputs.  BLHeli also offers reversible direction (if you direct solder your motor wires this can save you a lot of trouble!)  For more info on BLHeli go here  ESCs are shipped ready to fly with BLHeli Multi.  There is no need for further configuration.

ESCs measure 25mm wide x 9.6mm thick (12.6mm at input capacitor) x 54mm long (heat shrink edge to edge - board is 33mm+10mm capacitor=43mm)
25g with full length wires and heatsink

Mounting  The heat generating components of the ESC are located on the side with the label.  If you remove it, be sure to keep that side in maximum airflow..

What is BLHeli vs simonk? Both are custom firmware designed to optimize ESC performance, allowing the speed controller to respond faster to commands from the flight controller.  simonk works with Atmel based speed controllers whereas BLHeli works with Silabs based speed controllers.  BLHeli offers configuration capability after flashing  i.e. you can change the settings after flashing, even without a computer or USB interface (through stick commands).  The Silabs chips also have very good internal oscillators whereas the Atmel based ESCs require an external oscillator for optimal precision and temperature stability.  Some Atmel ESCs have it, some don't whereas all Silabs ESCs have this internally.

These ESCs have a beacon!  huh?  That's right, after sitting idle for 10 minutes (configurable) the ESCs will start the motors beeping.  While not ear piercing, the volume isn't too bad - this could actually help you find your quad in tall grass (or a tree!)

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