Whitesheep PCB

Whitesheep PCB
Whitesheep PCB Whitesheep PCB Whitesheep PCB Whitesheep PCB
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A note to customers
I've made the decision to stop selling the Whitesheep frame.  While the market is filled with similar designs, the Whitesheep is just too close to the TBS DISCOVERY for my comfort.  I appreciate that within the R/C hobby we are part of a community and that certain members of that community put time, effort and money into innovation and development.  This is how our hobby has progressed into the great things we're doing now and the amazing things that lie ahead,  Those that engage in this way deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labour and it is in that spirirt and out of respect for the contributions by Team Black Sheep that we have decided to stop selling the Whitesheep frame.  This is a decision motivated by principles and ethics, not legalities.  We will likely be offering the real Discovery frame for sale in the near future.  The last frame was sold on June 23, 2014.  Any subsequent orders will be refunded.  Thanks for your understanding. 


WHITESHEEP Quad-Copter Frame (Black) - Integrated PCB Version

This White Sheep is built from high quality and ultra durable materials. The main frame board is high quality glass fiber while the arms are constructed from ultra durable polyamide nylon.

The White Sheep top and bottom plates offer generous real estate for all your gear.  It uses standard 450 size arms positioned in the 'spiderquad' orientation for 'prop free' camera placement.  This version features integrated PCB connections for direct soldering ESC and battery wiring, eliminating the need for a power distribution board or the bulk and weight of wiring harnesses.

All of the required hardware included, using pre-threaded brass sleeves for all of the frame bolts. It utilizes one size of bolt for the whole build, making the hardware very easy to keep in order and only requiring one size of hex wrench to assemble.


Built from high quality glass fiber and ultra durable polyamide nylon.

Arms are reinforced to reduce breakage.

Integrated PCB connections for direct soldering your ESCs.

Larger mounting spaces

Pre-threaded brass sleeves for all of the frame bolts.

Easy assembly.





Weight:400g(without electronics)

Motor Mount Bolt Holes:16/19mm



Pin headers are NOT included.  We will offer header packs and soldering service very soon.

Also, see the photo below on power wiring.


Customer feedback on this frame has been very positive.  The arms are also reported to be the strongest on the market and great replacements for DJI arms.

If you're looking for a complete package, ESCs and motors for this build are on the way.  We also have arms in red and white.  If you'd like something other than 4 black arms, just put your request in the comments when you check out.  There is no charge for changing arm colors.

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