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Gemfan Hurricane 4024 2 Blade
Specifications: Blades:2 Material:PC Pitch:2.4in Prop Disk Diameter:102.33mm Center Th..
In Stock
HQ Durable Prop T4x2.5
Specifications: Propeller Diameter: 4 inch        Pitch : 2.5&..
In Stock
HQ 4x4 (4 pack)
A new round tip 4" prop.  More flexible and less power hungry than the bullnose 4x4.5, this pro..
CAD$4.82 CAD$1.38
In Stock
HQ 4x4.5 Bullnose (4 pack)
A 4" version of the popular bullnose prop.  The ideal prop for 180 size frames running 1806 and..
CAD$6.57 CAD$1.38
In Stock
HQ 4x4.5 Standard tip (4 pack)
A standard tip 4" prop that's more efficient than the bullnose.  Now in a pack of 4 (2 rever..
CAD$6.57 CAD$1.38
In Stock
DAL 4x4.5 Bullnose
The so-called 'unbreakable' props.  These are made from a very soft compound that gives resilie..
CAD$3.44 CAD$1.38
In Stock
DAL 4x4.5 standard tip
Contains 4 props (2 CW, 2 CCW) ..
CAD$3.44 CAD$2.75
In Stock
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