Matek VTX-1G3SE 1.2/1.3GHz

Matek VTX-1G3SE 1.2/1.3GHz
Matek VTX-1G3SE 1.2/1.3GHz Matek VTX-1G3SE 1.2/1.3GHz
Brand: Matek
Product Code: VTX-1G3SE-9
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Latest version of the Matek 1.2/1.3GHz video transmitter. This is the 9 channel International version.


  • Powering on without antenna connected is strictly forbidden !
  • This product requires an amateur radio license to operate legally. Please check your local laws and regulations before purchasing


  • 9CH_INTL version (1080,1120,1160,1200,1240,1280,1320,1360,1258MHz)
  • RF power output: 0.1mw(0, pit mode), 25mw(1), 200mw(2), 800mw(3)
  • CMS control via Tramp protocol variant for 1.3G
  • Button control and LED indicators
  • Built-in AGC microphone
  • 6-36V DC IN (2-8S LiPo)
  • Power Consumption: 40mA(0.1mw), 110mA(25mw), 150mA(200mw), 250mA(800mw) @12V IN
  • Video format: NTSC or PAL
  • Audio Subcarrier: 6.5 MHz & 6.0MHz,  onboard microphone on 6.5MHz
  • RF Connector: SMA
  • Weight: 9g ( w/o antanna)
  • Size: board 36*21.5mm


  • + IN-: 6-36V DC input with reverse polarity protection
  • VID: Video input
  • G: Ground
  • 5V: onboard regulator output, Max. 1.5A load on this pad
  • A6.0: Audio 6.0MHz input
  • RX: CMS control via Tramp protocol
  • TX & RX: UART for firmware update


  • Press button-A to select RF output levels, 0 (blue LED)= 0.1mw pitmode, 1=25mw. 2=200mw, 3=800mw
  • Press and hold the button-B for 2 seconds to enter the frequency setting. Frequency LED blinks
  • Press the button-B to select the frequency (only 1258 and 1280 can be selected on US 2CH version)
  • When the LED blinks at new frequency, no RF output on this frequency.
  • New frequency and output will be enabled if no button action within 3 seconds

CMS control:

  • Connect “RX” to any spare UART-TX of flight controller,  enable “VTX(Tramp) protocol” on corresponding UART.
  • Copy and paste following command into CLI of BF4.1 or later release:
    vtxtable bands 2
    vtxtable channels 8
    vtxtable band 1 1G3_A A 1080 1120 1160 1200 1240 1280 1320 1360
    vtxtable band 2 1G3_B B 1080 1120 1160 1200 1258 1280 1320 1360
    vtxtable powerlevels 3
    vtxtable powervalues 25 200 800
    vtxtable powerlabels 25 200 800
  • When CMS control is enabled, button control will be overridden.
  • INAV doesn’t support 1.3G CMS control via Tamp protocol for now.


  • 1x 1.2/1.3G Video transmitter VTX-1G3SE-9(INTL version)
  • 1x Dipole antenna_SMA, center freq 1240MHz

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