Vorsin frame for DJI

Vorsin frame for DJI
Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI Vorsin frame for DJI
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Created by engineer and UAV designer David Vorsin, this is our scratch design to fit the DJI Air Unit. You'll find a number of unique design elements and features not found on any other frame that come from David's experience as a designer, incorporating his special knowledge of mechanical design, control systems and aerodynamics.  You could probably say the Vorsin was the smallest project he ever undertook.  Each time we requested a modification David had to run analysis to decide if it was acceptable or not!  Unfortunately David passed away just after delivering the final design.  He was very proud of the work and asked if we might find a little spot to leave his name.  We feel honored to be entrusted with his last work and In his memory we have named the frame the Vorsin.  The new reinforcing bottom plate gave us the ideal spot for his name (seen in some but not all of the photos).

Design Objectives

As a result of these objectives, we ended up with the following features

The Vorsin is is an all inclusive premium frame kit made from top quality materials.  It comes complete with screws and spacers to fit most stacks, nothing to figure out.  Also included are long motor mount screws,TPU pads and even 3 feet of that incredible fabric tape to make your build look totally pro!  No additional hardware should be required.

The mount for an Immortal T is optional for Crossfire users.  It can be placed on the front or back and the Crossfire Nano fits nicely into the channel running through the bottom plate.


Build Weight

107g  frame, hardware and all TPU parts
112g  add stack hardware
121g  add XT60 connector and 14AWG wire
131g  add battery pad and strap
142g  add 16pcs M3x10 motor mount screws and TPU mounts

+ Air Unit (65g), props, motors and electronics for a total build weight of ~370 - 410g


Build Notes

While the frame is very simple to assemble, the following notes will make it even easier

  1. Start by putting the orange stack spacers into the desired mounting holes and secure them with four M3x4 screws.
  2. Attach both arms at once to the bottom plate using five of the stainless M3x10 screws into the pressnuts mounted in the bottom plate.  The arms mount on the smooth side of the bottom plate.
  3. If using a control receiver (FrSKY, Crossfire) set the receiver in place - usually with some double sided tape in the channel of the bottom plate under the stack.  You'll want the wires soldered on if required
  4. Attach the motors using the included TPU soft mounts and 16 M3x10 screws.  The screws have a 'nylon patch' preapplied so threadlock is not necessary.
  5. Solder the XT60 harness to the ESC using the pads on the bottom of the ESC if possible.  The wire length should be perfect for most 30x30 ESCs.  It's important to allow enough wire to loop at the back as seen in the photos.
  6. Temporarily mount the ESC on the stack with any 2 screws.  Route motor wires along arms and tape into position in 2 spots.  Continue routing wires to ESC pads and cut to length.  Tin the wires and pads, then solder.
  7. Connect wiring for any other device requiring direct power to the ESC (e.g. Air Unit or regulator for Air Unit)
  8. Solder remaining Air Unit connections to the flight controller as well as receiver connections if required.
  9. Assemble the stack by putting four stainless steel M3x16 screws into the flight controller.  Thread the M3x5 TPU spacers onto the screws and then through the ESC and into the orange spacers.  The stack is now complete.
  10. Attach the middle and front spacers to the bottom plate using four stainless steel M3x10 screws.
  11. Remove the two screws holding the small cover on the top of the Air Unit with a M1.5 hex driver.  (Optional) Apply the piece of thermal adhesive tape to the top of the Air Unit or the bottom of the top plate.  Place the Air Unit down and carefully position the top plate over it.  Drop both of the 1.6mm Phillips screws through the countersunk holes in the top plate and thread one loosely, then the other.  When you feel you've locked into the right position, tighten the screws, allowing the adhesive to contact the top plate.  Give it a good squeeze when everything is in place.
  12. Take the Air Unit TPU mount and slide the remaining two blue 20mm spacers into the holes.  Connect the antennas to the Air Unit and rotate them into the grooves on the top plate.  Plug in the Air Unit wiring harness.  Then slide the TPU assembly onto the back of the Air Unit and secure it using two black M3x10 countersink screws.
  13. Remove the screws from the side of the Air Unit Camera and use the lower screw on each side to attach to the TPU camera mount.  Slide the camera onto the two front spacers.
  14. Connect the XT60 harness to the top plate using the two black button cap M2.5x6 screws.
  15. Complete the final assembly by putting the top plate on, allowing the battery wires to do a small loop at the base as seen in the photos.  Connect the remaining points using the appropriate screws (black countersink on top, stainless stell on the bottom)

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