Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2204 2300kv w/bullet connectors

Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2204 2300kv w/bullet connectors
Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2204 2300kv w/bullet connectors Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2204 2300kv w/bullet connectors Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2204 2300kv w/bullet connectors Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2204 2300kv w/bullet connectors Rotorgeeks 7075 Series 2204 2300kv w/bullet connectors
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Product Code: RG 2204-2300 Bullet
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This version comes with presoldered bullet connectors and a wire length of ~3cm (motor base to tip of bullet)

Jul 19, 2016 - Upgraded material to 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, with almost 3 times the tensile strength of traditional 6063.  The case design has been re-engineered for maximum strength and impact resistance.  More material in key structural areasspans, mounting hole clearance and other potential points of failure in a high speed impact.  Shafts are secured into the rotor both mechanically and with a high strength adhesive to make shaft slippage and vertical play a thing of the past.  The shaft is now held in place at the base with a standard e-clip, making servicing and parts replacement easier than ever.

We believe the 7075 Series is the toughest miniquad motor on the market.

The first of a series of high performance multirotor motors designed and manufactured to our specs. These are not simply rebranded motors.  Every element has passed rigorous design, lab and flight testing over a 6 month period and is a reflection of our perspective on what makes an ideal multirotor motor.  Please note there are a very limited number of motors from this first production run.

  • Single wire winding - offering high current capability and heat tolerance (up to 180°C).  Most of the high perfornance custom wound motors use this technique rather than multi strand wire.  Why is it unusual? The larger wire gauge can't be wound by machine...
  • Hand wound - even with all the automation available today, nothing matches the accuracy of skilled human.  The heavier gauge wire used in the Rotorgeeks motors demands hand winding
  • Fully serviceable - right from the start we wanted to be able to repair and replace every part of the motor to handle crashes as well as wear and tear.  Bearings are not glued in place.  All parts are available separately - rotor, stator, bearings, clips and shims.
  • The little things
    • Dynamically balanced rotors
    • Case design was engineered for light weight and maximum cooling and airflow to the windings. 
    • The prop height has been set a little higher to reduce the likelihood of props striking the ESC. 
    • Greater clearance from the base to the windings to afford more tolerance on long mounting screws (without hitting the windings)
    • The integrated prop adapter provides a comfortable but not too tight fit on HQ props
    • A larger, easy to remove c-clip was chosen
    • Japanese NMB bearings
    • shaft uses a grub screw so vertical play is adjustable in the event of a shift
    • N45SH magnets and 0.2mm steel laminations for stator
    • Shaft and clip are completely recessed - the motor can be mounted on a flat surface without the need for a hole in the centre of the motor mount (nothing sticks out the bottom)
    • Each motor comes with a hardware kit that includes a nylock nut, standard nut and hex head motor mount screws and washers.

The 2204-2300kv is the most popular size motor for machines in the 180 to 270mm class.  It matches up with a wide range of props for both 3S and 4S power.

Check out one of our motor testers, the lightning fast Matty Stuntz flying Rotorgeeks 2204-2300s and RG20 ESCs

Stator:   22mm wide X 4mm high
Stator slots / poles 12/14
Weight: 25g with 3cm of motor wire

The back story
Rotorgeeks has been proudly selling Cobra motors since before the development of the CM series for multirotors.  Cobras have always been great for quality and performance but their success has also led to availability challenges.  We began this journey with a simple objective - to create a motor of equivalent capability that we could actually keep in stock.  Matching the performance of the Cobra did not prove an easy task.  Prototype after prototype, we worked on every facet of the motor in the quest to match the Cobra, playing with different magnets, copper, winding techniqes etc.  Around June this year, we thought we had it based on prototype testing.  The first batch of motors arrived but the performance was still a bit lower than our objective and after much consideration, not good enough to release with the Rotorgeeks name.  A little more R&D and we landed on the final product.  The first batch of motors went back to China where they had the stators replaced (along with bearings and clips).  We're thrilled that at the end of a long road, we have the product we wanted.  One little interesting discovery at the end was that the Cobra 2204 motor is actually using a 2205 stator and the whole time we were working to develop a motor that matched the performance of a slightly larger motor.

Canadian customers - please note that any motor requires shipping via Expedited Parcel.  There's a bug in the shipping system that doesn't pull this up automatically.  If you see "Canada Post lettermail" as an option you'll need to choose the other, more expensive option that corresponds to your province to get Expedited Parcel service.  Sorry about that!

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