ESCs have become a specialty at Rotorgeeks.  We came on around the time that many of us were playing with high kv motors and having sync issues.  The Rotorgeeks ESCs are among the first to address this and provide reliable power to any motor used in minquads today.  After mulitiple revisions, they have improved every step of the way and perform way beyond spec.

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Rotorgeeks RG20 Plus ESC
RG20 History   Six months in the making, the new RG20 is the ultimate ESC for miniquad ra..
In Stock
24 reviews
Rotorgeeks RG20 Plus ESC Naked
Naked version (uncovered, no motor leads) - buy this if you want to direct solder your motor le..
In Stock
4 reviews
Emax Babyhawk Bullet 6A ESC
Description Bullet 6A ESC for Babyhawk 1 Pc ..
In Stock
Emax F3 Magnum Mini Tower System
F3 Magnum Mini Tower System Including 3-4S BLheli_S Bullet 12A 4 In 1 ESC And F3 Flight Controller ..
In Stock
Emax Power System Combo
A complete combo - basically the guts of a Babyhawk without the frame.  A great platform to do ..
In Stock
Spedix ES30 HV ESC
The DSHOT capable Spedix ES30-HV is the smallest and lightest 6S 30A speed controller in the categor..
In Stock
Spedix GS30 32 Bit ESC
Ready for the bleeding edge?  BLHeli_32 is the newest iteration of BLHeli firmware, utilizing 3..
USD$13.99 USD$12.99
In Stock
Spedix GS35 HV 32 Bit ESC
The newest 32 bit ESC from Spedix with telemetry capability. Specs Firmware: BLHeli 32 bit Inpu..
In Stock
Spedix IS20 4-in-1 ESC
At last, a micro 4-in1 that can do 4S with Spedix reliability! Please note that mounting holes ar..
In Stock
Spedix IS30 4-in-1 ESC
The Spedix IS30 sets a new standard for 4in1 ESCs.  Many ESCs used in FPV racing quads are eq..
In Stock
Sunrise Cicada 10A  BB2
DSHOT 600 capable without cap removal! The Cicada line is the latest BLHeli_S release from Sunrise...
USD$10.99 USD$8.99
SAVE 18%
In Stock
1 reviews
Sunrise Cicada 20A  4-in-1 BB2 ESC
DSHOT 600 capable without cap removal! The Cicada line is the BLHeli_S series from Sunrise.  T..
In Stock
Sunrise Cicada 30A  BB2
DSHOT 300 capable without cap removal.  DSHOT 600 with cap removal. The Cicada line is the lat..
USD$13.99 USD$11.99
SAVE 14%
In Stock
4 reviews
Rotorgeeks 12A BLHeli ESC V5
The remaining stock of the legendary RG12 - the first production ESC with BLHeli! ..
USD$14.00 USD$8.99
SAVE 36%
In Stock
12 reviews
Rotorgeeks RG20 ESC
Please note, this is the remaining stock of the first generation F330 based RG20. The new RG20 Pl..
USD$17.00 USD$9.99
SAVE 41%
In Stock

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