PNP version comes with motor, ESC and servos.
You'll need to add your own receiver, battery and FPV gear.

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SonicModell AR Wing V2 - PNP
The AR Wing is a great all-around wing with detachable mainwing / wingtip structure, it’s compact si..
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SonicModell F1 Wing - PNP
This Super High Speed F1 Wing is designed for an extraordinary high speed FPV experience. Its symmet..
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SonicModell Full Scale Skyhunter Wing - PNP
This full scale 1800mm wingspan Skyhunter is a classic FPV airframe used for long distance and heavy..
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SonicModell Mini AR Wing - PNP
The Mini AR Wing is a 600mm pure breed racing wing. Even being way smaller than the original full si..
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SonicModell Skyhunter V2 Wing - PNP
This 1238mm Wingspan Mini Skyhunter V2 (unassembled kit with electronics) is a middle sized FPV plan..
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ZOHD Dart Sweepforward Wing - PNP
The Dart Sweepforward Wing is made with tough EPP material. Detachable main wing and twin-tail wing ..
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ZOHD Dart XL Extreme Wing - PNP
Dart XL Extreme is ZOHD's answer to all those pilots who loved the ZOHD Dart but wanted something bi..
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ZOHD Nano Talon - PNP
ZOHD Nano Talon 860mm Wingspan V-Tail EPP FPV RC Airplane. This 860mm Wingspan Nano Talon is a po..
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ZOHD Talon GT Rebel Wing - PNP
ZOHD takes very seriously the feedback from their fans and friends around the world. After the huge ..
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