TKS Rocket Race RG Edition - DIY Kit

TKS Rocket Race RG Edition - DIY Kit
TKS Rocket Race RG Edition - DIY Kit
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Looking for that first build? This super lightweight 1-2S 2" build provides outstanding speed and performance for its size!

The frame was designed by fellow Canadian, Kevin Langlois AKA Tarkusx_FPV. The components have been carefully chosen and work seamlessly together.
You can make it 1S compatible or 2S! After doing lots of testing we found that it flies best using a 2S 300-550mAh battery. We were able to get 5min of flight time with incredible agility and speed. You can use up to 2S 600mAh HV for longer flight time.
Using a 1S 450mAh, we were able to get around 5min of flying but with more throttle required and much less agility compared to the 2S setup.
The only part that requires soldering is the pigtail (which we can do if you don't want that hassle), the rest is plug and play!


  • PH2.0 connector pigtail: Select this option if you want to build this drone using 1S-2S batteries
  • Pre-solder PH2.0 pigtail: Select this option if you want us to install a PH2.0 connector for a 1S-2S set up
  • Pre-solder XT30 pigtail: Select this option if you want us to install an XT30 connector for a 2S setup


  • Weight: 36.03g (without batteries and using XT30 pigtail)
  • Body thickness: 2.5mm


Build Notes:

  1. Solder pigtail onto the flight controller (pre-soldered pigtail available as an option).
  2. Install the motors onto the frame using the M1.4x4mm screws (do not use the screws provided inside the HappyModel box as they're too short).
  3. Insert the M2 screws with the M2x5mm TPU (3x 16mm go on the front and side / 1x 14mm goes on the back)
  4. Install an elastic band (not provided) to hold the battery.
  5. Plug the motors into the FC.
    Note: Depending on your USB cable you may want to setup/bind the board before installing it on the frame. You can use this adapter for an easier access to the USB port once the board is installed.
  6. Install the FC using the provided grommets. 
  7. Install the camera into the canopy.
  8. Plug the camera into the flight controller.
  9. Install the M2 locknuts.  The grommets should just start to compress - don't overtighten.

Tools required (not included):


  • Tuck the VTX antenna (copper wire) underneath the canopy so it doesn't get caught by the props.
  • You can tape the receiver antenna (black wire) to the canopy using e-tape.
  • You'll find that 2 motors have a red dot on the connector. Those with the red dots mean they'll spin clockwise and those without dots will spin counter-clockwise

Recommended batteries (not included):

  • 1S Setup:
    • 1S 450mAh
    • 1S 520mAh
  • 2S setup:
    • 2S 300mAh
    • 2S 450mAh
    • 2S 600mAh HV

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