Diatone 2019 GT-R349 3 inch Frame Kit

Diatone 2019 GT-R349 3 inch Frame Kit
Brand: Diatone
Product Code: DT-R349-FK
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 2019 GT-R 3 inch  Frame Kit


  • Wheel base: 130mm
  • Material: carbon fiber & PC Injection molding canopy
  • Frame arm and lower plate thickness: 3mm                                                                          
  • Weight: 20-26g
  • Color: transparent

 Recommended parts (not included):

  • Brushless motor: 1104 1105 1106 1407 1408
  • Brushless ESC: 15A~20A
  • Camera: Runcam micro swift (width: 19mm)
  • Flight controller: F3 / F4 (mounting holes: 20*20mm)
  • Propellers: 3020
  • Battery: 3-4 S 350 450 650 850mAh

2019 GT-R 3 inch  Frame Kit

HD Conversion kit (optional) notes:


  1. Remove the canopy by loosening all 4 screws on the bottom plate.
  2. Take the short screws from the conversion kit and put them through the canopy mounting holes on the bottom plate.  Thread a long black 3D printed spacer onto each one, turning until snug.
  3. Loosen stack screws, remove the threaded white top plate leaving the screws in place.  Mind the small metal washer on top of the grommets when you remove the white plate.
  4. Lift the flight controller off so you can solder power wires for the Vista onto the ESC (use the battery pads or alternately the shunt and nearby ground).
  5. Prepare your receiver (if using one) and connect to the existing RX lead (there is a solderless harness for R-XSR included) or solder as required.  Solder the 2 pin SH buzzer lead (optional) and LED (not included)
  6. Place the flight controller back on the stack and remove the stack screws one at a time, replacing them with the provided long M2 screws.  Place a short black spacer on top of each stack screw.
  7. Decide if you're going with a dipole or circular antenna.  The dipole fits through a hole on the top and you'll want the Vista oriented with the UFL connector at the front.  If you use the circular antenna, you'll want the UFL connector at the back.
  8. Circular Antenna only - drill out the top hole in the canopy and glue / goop the antenna in place.  You can apply adhesive to the antenna stem and push it down into the canopy to fill the hole.  The UFL connector must stay clean.
  9. Solder wires for tx, rx, signal gnd (and sbus if using DJI Remote) to the flight controller.
  10. Drop the Vista onto the stack (short spacers between Vista and FC)  and cut wires to the right length.  Solder all wires (including power) to the appropriate pads on the Vista.
  11. Install the camera
  12. Remove the Vista and attach the antenna to the UFL connector on the Vista at the most appropriate bend and angle (if using the dipole make sure to put it through the canopy first).  Fit the Vista back on the stack.
  13. Put an M2 locknut on each stack screw and tighten until there is ~1mm of screw protruding and light pressure on the stack.
  14. Drop the canopy on, route your wires and Vista cable (there's lots of room in the channel under the canopy).  Tighten the 4 canopy screws and you're done!

Don't forget to go to the Ports page in Betaflight and turn on MSP for the port you used for TX/RX

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