Cobra 2204 1960kv

Cobra 2204 1960kv
Cobra 2204 1960kv Cobra 2204 1960kv Cobra 2204 1960kv Cobra 2204 1960kv Cobra 2204 1960kv Cobra 2204 1960kv Cobra 2204 1960kv Cobra 2204 1960kv Cobra 2204 1960kv
Brand: Cobra
Product Code: Cobra 2204/32 1960kv
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Hardware update - continously looking to make the little things even better, Cobra motors from Rotorgeeks now include a supplemental hardware bag containing (4) Hex head M3x5 stainless steel motor mount screws and (1) standard prop nut.  We like the sure grip of hex head screws over Philips 'star' head and prefer using the standard nut for standard rotating props as it's easier to remove and locknuts are typically only needed on the reverse rotation.  As with all of our little improvements, customers who previously purchased Cobra motors can request them free on their next order.

The Cobra 2204 series motors have a 3.0mm shaft for extra strength, as well as oversize bearings to support the shaft and provide a long life. The stators are made with 0.20mm laminations for maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses. Silicone motor wiring extends motor leads by 11cm. The extensions are 20AWG silicone wire and can be cut and soldered at any point.  We don't recommend cutting further back than the connection to the motor winding leads unless you know what you're doing with respect to removing enamel from the wire.  The motors have standard 16x19 M3 mounting threads.

Included with every Cobra 2204 Series Motor is a complete accessory package containing:
● Four M3x5mm motor mount Screws + spacing washers
● 5mm integrated prop adapter with nylon locknut

Cobra 2204/32 Motor Specifications
 Stator Diameter  22.0 mm (0.866 in)
 Stator Thickness  4.0 mm (0.157 in)
 Number of Stator Slots  12
 Number of Magnet Poles  14
 Motor Wind  32 Turn Delta
 Motor Kv Value  1960 RPM per Volt
 No Load Current (Io)  0.58 Amps @ 8 Volts
 Motor Resistance (Rm) per Phase  0.153 Ohms
 Motor Resistance (Rm) Phase to Phase  0.102 Ohms
 Maximum Continuous Current  12 Amps
 Max Continuous Power (2-cell Li-Po)  100 Watts
 Max Continuous Power (3-cell Li-Po)  150 Watts
 Motor Weight  22.5 grams (0.79 oz.)
 Outside Diameter  27.0 mm (1.063 in.)
 Shaft Diameter  3.00 mm (0.118 in.)
 Motor Body Length  14.2 mm (0.559 in.)
 Overall Shaft Length  21.8 mm (0.858 in.)
 Motor Timing  5-10 degrees
 PWM Frequency  8 KHz


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