FrSKY D4R-II Receiver

FrSKY D4R-II Receiver
FrSKY D4R-II Receiver FrSKY D4R-II Receiver
Brand: FrSKY
Product Code: D4R-II
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A great receiver for miniquad setups - telemetry capable, compact, lightweight and provides 8 channel CPPM to control boards

1) Firmware upgradeable
2) One external analog telemetry port and one digital data-stream port (connect to FrSky Sensor Hub FSH-01)
3) RSSI (PWM) and CPPM output - If CH3 and CH4 are connected by a jumper, CH1 will output CPPM for CH1~CH8, and CH2 will output RSSI (PWM)
4) Lighter weight and physically smaller
5) Alarm warning on low voltage, poor reception, etc.

Dimension    40*22.5*6mm
Weight            5.8g/5g (naked)
Operating Range    full range (>1.5km)
Operating Voltage Range    3.5~10V
Operating Current    60mA
Number of Channels    4ch

All FrSKY receivers come flashed with North American firmware.  If you're in the EU you'll need to reflash the receiver with EU firmware (or change the radio).

Telemetry Tip

If you're using the standard telemetry port on the Naze 32, the port is shared with USB, which is why it only switches on after arming.  To have telemetry that's always on, use a soft serial port.  You only need the green wire from the D4R-II to go to Receiver pin 6 on the Naze board.

Baseflight - copy this entire set of commands and paste into the CLI (you don't have to enter each line separately).
set softserial_baudrate=9600
set softserial_1_inverted=1
set telemetry_port=1
set telemetry_provider=0

Cleanflight / Betaflight
Configuraton tab
in 'other features', check the box for SOFTSERIAL and TELEMETRY
save and reboot
Ports tab
softserial1 - change Telemetry to FrSky (leave on auto)
save and reboot
CLI tab
enter set telemetry_inversion = 1 (or set telemetry_inversion = on if that command isn't accepted)

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