Lotus 1280 pair

Lotus 1280 pair
Lotus 1280 pair Lotus 1280 pair Lotus 1280 pair Lotus 1280 pair Lotus 1280 pair
Brand: Spec UAV
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Introducing the Lotus 1280 from Spec UAV

Spec UAV raises the bar for circular polarized antennas with the introduction of the Lotus, using revolutionary construction techniques that ensure performance and longevity second to none.


Spec UAV was founded by Eric Orsag, an engineer with an obsessive passion for mechanical precision.  Eric has been designing and building machinery that has supplied antenna elements to the industry for years.  Some very respected antennas in the FPV community have been made with elements and equipment supplied by Spec UAV.  The Lotus is the result of thousands of hours of manufacturing experience and the desire to move from components and machinery to developing the ultimate product.  To achieve this goal, Eric needed to establish control over the entire production process, from raw materials to machinery, components and assembly techniques.  Every aspect of the antenna has been given thorough consideration and research to create what we like to call “the most carefully thought out FPV antenna in the world”.

And while we think the Lotus is beautiful, it has been designed with functionality over aesthetics.  You may notice that the elements are uncoated wire.  The primary purpose of the wire coatings you see is corrosion protection.  Unfortunately, the coating also have an adverse effect on the antenna performance so the Lotus comes uncoated.  A light covering of a fine machine oil from time to time is all that's required to keep your antenna in top shape.  It's this kind of no-compromise consideration that make the Lotus what it is.  We’ll have much more information coming up about Spec UAV and the amazing story behind the Lotus, but until then, we’ll just give you a glimpse of some of the custom machinery and tooling developed for the assembly of the Lotus. 


As soon as you hold a Lotus in your hands the build quality is obvious – you’ve never seen a circular antenna constructed like this before.

Superior manufacturing

  • A manufacturing environment that is 3rd party verified with constantly evaluated statistical process control to ensure precision and accuracy
  • Custom designed and built machinery for element bending, assembly and accurate down to 0.001".  Even the machine that feeds wire into the bender has been specially designed to gently handle the wire and avoid any of the flattening or distortion that commonly occurs when wire feeders pull wire or lock down for cutting.
  • Every Lotus that leaves the factory is individually tested for SWR of no more than 1.2:1 on 1258 and 1280 MHz.

Outstanding video clarity and stability

  • The Lotus could be described as being ‘highly circular, meaning the geometry allows for maximum purity and multipath rejection.  This is a function of the lobe count, shape and construction quality.
  • The antenna is designed with a 1270 MHz center frequency, mating it perfecftly with 1258 – 1280 signals.
  • By achieveing superior multipath rejection, the Lotus keeps your image as clear as possible no matter what the conditions and location.  The Lotus antenna is suitable for both Tx and Rx.

Highest quality materials

  • There is no magic – the best materials simply cost more and the Lotus is a premium antenna.  The Lotus is built with the highest quality materials in its range.
    • RG402 cable with solid copper jacket shielding – there is none better for noise rejection
    • SMA connectors by Radiall
    • Currently, the best available wire is a particular formulation of MiG welding wire and a leading brand is being used for consistency.  But even this is a temporary compromise as Eric has his eyes on a custom manufactured wire  - an alloy mix not currently available.  That’s where Spec UAV is heading.


  • The key to both the performance and longevity of the Lotus is its construction quality.  Machinery and tooling was purpose built for the construction of the Lotus. 
    • The antenna elements are held in place with an assembly collar that is crimped on and provides all the mechanical strength, keeping the elements together and positioned properly.  Solder is flowed onto the area for electrical purposes only.  Solder does not have the right properties to act as the mechanical bond and won’t last nearly as long as the crimped collar solution.
    • Centre pin termination has been painstakingly designed and tested as this is a common internal break point in a crash.  Rather than using the traditional connection method, the Lotus employs proprietary approach and materials, allowing it to flex without breaking.  This resilience ensures crash survivability.  In a severe impact, external elements are always easy to bend back into position but  the internal centre pin must survive for the antenna to remain usable.

There's much more to be told.  We think you'll agree that it's rare to find this level of R&D and craftsmanship in a product at such an affordable price.  The Lotus 1280 is manufactured in the USA.

Please note - some photos show a right angle connector that is NOT included with the antenna set.
Package contains two antennas fitted with straight SMA connectors.

Canadian customers - this cannot be shipped by lettermail - if you see that option you must choos the more expensive shipping option (expedited parcel)

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