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As you can see Vogi 1 is not your typical VTOL. This machine transitions seamlessly and continuously from hover to fast forward winged flight making it a blast to fly. You are flying a quad all the time – there is no ‘flying mode’ switch like other VTOL’s. With the new continuously variable transition system you pitch the quad to fly forward. The faster you fly, the more lift you get from the wings. So you actually have to reduce throttle when you pitch the quad to maintain altitude!  This is the plane you fly like a quad.  With your 6 channel transmitter, the sticks control the quad in angle mode and a fifth channel (eg a knob or slider on your transmitter) lets you control the airplane angle of attack. Roll and yaw sticks control both the quad and the plane.  Our flying manual shows you all the tricks you need to fly it like our ace pilot on the video.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Made in North America with international patents pending. If we start mass producing Vogi 1 in some other country, no matter how well we protect our intellectual property, it will be copied. We invented it and we have the sole rights to make it and sell it. This new VTOL technology is called continuously variable transition and we expect to see it used in future drone applications. You can read the scientific article here.
  2. Not for the novice. If you have not flown a quad before please do not start with this – you will not make full use of its abilities. This is a quad and a plane at the same time – all the time. If you fly slowly you will not take advantage of winged flight and you will just hover around. You need to fly fast to get full performance benefits.
  3. New paradigm for flight.  This is not a copy or a variation of what was invented over 50 years ago like the tail sitters, tilt wings and the tilt rotors. This is truly a new invention and took two years of intense R&D to optimize. Compare it to any other VTOL on the market and you will immediately notice VOGI’s superior performance. While others VTOL’s may be the ‘Cadillac’ this is ‘Ferrari’. No fancy bells and whistles – just performance. When you fly manually continuous transition you are in control – not the computer.
  4. Custom made for you. Each Vogi 1 is made and assembled by our skilled technicians and then flight tested before shipping. We make and test every unit in house before it ships to ensure performance and stability. It won’t arrive in a fancy package with colorful labels but when you open it your will marvel at the mechatronic design and you will hardly wait to fly it. Read the manual first though and fly safe!
  5. Two free breakable parts replacements. You just pay the shipping costs. If you crash it – and you might because you will be having way too much fun being super aggressive, just send us a picture of the broken parts and we will send you replacement parts for free. You just pay the shipping costs. This limited warranty applies only to the carbon fiber rods and the plastic parts. The wing, motor, servo, batteries, and electronics are not covered.

Be one of the few who own and fly one of these! 

Each Vogi is made to order and takes about 4 days to build and test. Depending on orders, it might take up to two weeks to ship it.  Once you are ready to order please contact [email protected] directly and we will let you know the estimated delivery date.
If you have any questions about the Vogi or want to customize your build, please contact Coriolis at http://www.vogi-vtol.com/


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