Emax Babyhawk-R PNP

Emax Babyhawk-R PNP
Emax Babyhawk-R PNP Emax Babyhawk-R PNP
Brand: Emax
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Introducing the Babyhawk R.  Just add a receiver and get flying!
For FrSKY users, we recommend the R-XSR which can give telemetry and use LUA scripts (the Emax BNF version does not come with a telemetry / LUA script capable receiver).  For telemetry connection options, see our note at the very bottom of this page.
For Spektrum users we recommend a Lemon satellite

Our recommended battery is the GNB 3S 550 for maximum agility.  You can also comfortably carry the 650 or 750 for extended flight time.

VTX comes locked - unlocking procedure here


  • -High Speed power system featuring RS1106 and the Avan Micro
  • -FC/ESC AIO - Mini Magnum Tower
  • -112mm Carbon Fiber Frame
  • -Only weighs 83.4 grams
  • -Customizable Shell Canopy with adjustable camera positions
  • -Pre-tuned Betaflight Firmware for optimized flight performance
  • -OSD integrated with Low-Voltage detection
  • -40 Channel 5.8g VTX switchable 25/200mw 
  • -Utilizes Micro CCD Sensor Camera
  • -Accepts 3-4 cell LiPo batteries 
Product list
  1. BabyHawk  Race × 1  (BNF)
  2. Manual ×1
  3. AVAN-MICRO propeller × 2 
  4. Screw pack×1
  5. Camera adjusting board×1

Overtightening the bottom screws can compress the mounting grommets and bring the ESC dangerously close to the carbon frame.  We are including a set of 1mm spacers that we recommend installing between the frame and ESC.  Emax has issues this bulletin on the issue.

Telemetry Connection Options

Option 1  Connect as shown in the picture in the gallery.  On the Ports page set Telemetry output to SmartPort for UART2 and enable Telemetry on the configuration page.

Option 2  Connect telemetry to the LED pin and use the following CLI commands to reassign it.

resource led_strip 1 none
resource serial_tx 11 A08

On the Configuration tab, enable Soft Serial
On the Ports tab, find Soft Serial 1 and enable SmartPort in the telemetry column

make sure tlm_halfduplex = on
If you wired the hacked signal, then in CLI type set tlm_inverted = on

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