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Flight controllers

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Rotorgeeks SSD F3 control board
The Rotorgeeks SSD is an F3 based flight controller with best-in-class components, an intelligent la..
In Stock
11 reviews
Betaflight F4 Flight Controller
BetaflightF4 is the follow up design to the very popular BetaflightF3. Following in the same path as..
USD$44.99 USD$33.99
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In Stock
BrainFPV RADIX F4 Flight Controller + gOSD (Custom Graphical OSD, Baro, Stackable, Betaflight)
radix is engineered to perfection with a visually stunning form factor and plug-and-play stacking. T..
In Stock
CL Racing F4 Mini
Spec Built in Betaflight OSD STM32F405 @168mhz  Direct 2-6S input MPU6000 gyro Fi..
In Stock
CL Racing F4S Flight Controller
Shipping V1.4 Features: Built-in 5V BEC 2A Built-in User selectable 9v or 5v 2A Filtered BE..
In Stock
1 reviews
Emax Babyhawk Femto F3 Control Board
Description F3 Femto Flight Controller for Babyhawk Manual here ..
Out Of Stock
Emax F3 Magnum Mini Tower System
F3 Magnum Mini Tower System Including 3-4S BLheli_S Bullet 12A 4 In 1 ESC And F3 Flight Controller ..
In Stock
Emax Power System Combo
A complete combo - basically the guts of a Babyhawk without the frame.  A great platform to do ..
In Stock
Matek Flight Controller F405-AIO
Specifications IMCU: 168MHz STM32F405 IMU: 32K ICM20602 accelerometer/gyro (SPI) Max. 32K ..
USD$39.99 USD$29.99
SAVE 25%
Out Of Stock
Matek Flight Controller F405-CTR
FC Specifications MCU: 168MHz STM32F405 IMU: MPU6000 accelerometer/gyro (SPI) Baro: BMP280..
In Stock
Matek Flight Controller F405-STD
Specifications MCU: 168MHz STM32F405RGT6 IMU: 32K ICM20602 gyro/accelerometer (SPI) Baro: ..
In Stock
Matek Flight Controller F722-STD
An F7 based board with 32k gyro - the bleeding edge!  Lots of info available from Matek here P..
In Stock
Mini F3 Flight Controller w/BEC
F3 based mini FC with built-in BEC and an MPU 6000 IMU Betaflight Target: non-standard vers..
In Stock
Mini F3 Flight Controller w/BEC and OSD
F3 based mini FC with built-in BEC, Betaflight OSD and an MPU 6000 IMU. Betaflight Target: OMNIBUS ..
In Stock
NEO-M8N Ublox GPS Module
Looking for a little extra security on your long range adventures?  This GPS module can track y..
In Stock

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