FrSKY FLVSS voltage sensor

FrSKY FLVSS voltage sensor
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A lipo voltage sensor for use with Smart Port capable receivers such as the X8R and X4SB.  Monitors individual cell voltage levels from the battery balance lead and passes the info through the telemetry link to your radio. Does not work with the D4R-II (different telemetry system).  Also has a great OLED screen making it just about the coolest little battery checker around, even if you don't want to use it in a telemetry setupl

Please note, we've found that the sensors max out the displayed voltage at 4.2V per cell, on both the cell and total voltage displays.  Therefore they won't display proper voltage levels for HV lipos until the voltage drops to 4.2V.  We've reported this to FrSKY and they're looking into a firmware upgrade for the future.

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