Arduino Nano 33 BLE for Wireless Headtracker

Arduino Nano 33 BLE for Wireless Headtracker
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Use the Nano 33 BLE for wireless head tracking thanks to this open source project by dlktdr
We have been running ours on a 1S battery using this step-up for a truly wireless setup.  We measured current draw at about 40mA which gives you around 8 hours from a 1S 350!

Bring the power of AI to your pocket with Arduino’s tiniest form factor. The Nano 33 BLE Sense (without headers) is Arduino’s 3.3V AI enabled board in the smallest available form factor: 45x18mm!


The Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense is a completely new board on a well-known form factor. It comes with a series of embedded sensors.

  • 9 axis inertial sensor: what makes this board ideal for wearable devices
  • Humidity, and temperature sensor: to get highly accurate measurements of the environmental conditions
  • Barometric sensor: you could make a simple weather station
  • Microphone: to capture and analyse sound in real time
  • Gesture, proximity, light color and light intensity sensor : estimate the room’s luminosity, but also whether someone is moving close to the board


Microcontroller nRF52840 (datasheet)
Operating Voltage 3.3V
Input Voltage (limit) 21V
DC Current per I/O Pin 15 mA
Clock Speed 64MHz
CPU Flash Memory 1MB (nRF52840)
SRAM 256KB (nRF52840)
Digital Input / Output Pins 14
PWM Pins all digital pins
I2C 1
Analog Input Pins 8 (ADC 12 bit 200 ksamples)
Analog Output Pins Only through PWM (no DAC)
External Interrupts all digital pins
USB Native in the nRF52840 Processor
IMU LSM9DS1 (datasheet)
Microphone MP34DT05 (datasheet)
Gesture, light, proximity APDS9960 (datasheet)
Barometric pressure LPS22HB (datasheet)
Temperature, humidity HTS221 (datasheet)
Length 45 mm
Width 18 mm
Weight 5 gr (with headers)

Diagram here
Eagles files here
Schematics here
Fritzing here

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