Vibration dampening kit for flight controller

Vibration dampening kit for flight controller
Vibration dampening kit for flight controller
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A cure for the jitters!  With advanced gyros, short looptimes and responsive power setups, we've seen a host of vibration related issues usually appearing as twitching / ticking on the yaw axis at certain rpms.   These dampeners are made from silicone to our hardness specifications and are much softer and more effective than most of the isolators on the market.  They're quite different from the standard rubber type.  We've tamed many a wild beast with this simple setup.  Check out the Thingie plate if  you're looking to stack more components.

Male threaded portion is 5mm long
Female thread depth is 3mm
Silicone bobbin measures 8x8mm - the 8mm height is perfect spacing for fitting an XSR, depinned X4R, XM+ or Spektrum satellite receiver under the flight controller

Caution - do not overtighten or use locknuts.  The metal components are separate, joined only by the silicone material.  Overtightening can rip the threaded components from the silicone.

Contains 4 silicone dampers and 4 M3x5 nylon spacers (to be used as nuts if the stack stops there)

Each damper weighs 1.2g + 0.1g for the nylon spacer

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