Low Pass Filter - 1.3GHz

Low Pass Filter - 1.3GHz
Product Code: Low Pass Filter - 1.3GHz
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This inline filter is used between your 1.2/1.3G video transmitter and antenna to prevent harmonic interference if you're using a 2.4G control system (most radio systems that are not  FM or UHF).  If you're experiencing loss of radio control in a combination like this, chances are the harmonics (frequency multiples) of your video system may be interfering with your RC receiver's ability to 'hear' your transmitter when you start to move out some distance.  The low pass filter allows the video signal to pass through (the low part) while reducing the higher frequencies that cause the control issues, hence the term low pass. The filter has a male SMA on one side and female SMA on the other, allowing you to place it between the Vtx and antenna of any SMA connected system without any other adapters.  It's still important to maintain distance between the 1.2 video antenna and 2.4 control antenna, the attenuator cuts but doesn't eliminate interference.

Material: Aluminum alloy    
Designed for 1200MHz-1390MHz wireless A/V transmitters    
Low insertion loss, less than 0.7dB typical at 1300MHz    
Passband DC - 1425MHz (<-1.5dB loss)    
Efficient monolithic LC multi-pole topography design    
Second harmonic (> 2.4GHz) attenuation    
Characteristic impedance: 50 ohm    
Handles RF power up to 8W   

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